Tuesday, January 26, 2016


A brief, ephemeral gem of a song. Originally sung by R&B group Nolan and the Diablos, Nyro's cover feels absolutely elemental and the backing vocalists gently sing over the hills of flowing wheat and mourn alongside Laura.

Sunday, January 17, 2016


Tokyo1980 - On 8tracks

Track Listing: 

  1. Behind The Mask - Yellow Magic Orchestra
  2. CARNIVAL - Taeko Ohnuki
  3. Shinzo No Tobira - Mariah
  4. Heidenröslein - Miharu Koshi
  5. Rose Garden - Akiko Yano
  6. Pavement Midday - Rajie
  7. Now And Then - The Beatniks
  8. Kaze No Tani no Nausicaa
An 8 track sampler of synthpop (or techno-kayo) from the 1980's. Expect lots of production from YMO members like Sakamoto and Hosono (except Shinzo No Tobira) and some kitschy francophilia from Miharu Koshi. 

My standout tracks include the utterly unique feudal-meets-future new-wave of Mariah's "Shinzo No Tobira, and Akiko Yano's "Rose Garden" that just plops itself everywhere. 


Saturday, January 16, 2016

F(X) - 4 WALLS

One of the major problems I have with K-pop is the myopia of their sound. Whats released in 2010 sounds like an effort from 2006 and whats released in 2013 sounds like it made its way from 2010.

But lately SMTOWN (One of Korea's leading entertainment companies) has finally tapped into the vein of the now. SHINee's "View" is what I believe to be K-pop's herald into a contemporary sound and SMTOWN is continuing to make strides with f(x)'s "4 Walls".

4 Walls is a tightly wound, yet spacious gem that layers on the light synths and believe it or not, actually contains some future-garage/house elements. Its brilliantly produced by LDN Noise, an outsourced UK duo, and places the song in the realm of the experimental in Kpop standards. The song comes together with the ethereal and deft vocal navigation of f(x) (Victoria, Krystal, Luna, Amber).

With tracks like "View" and "4 Walls" K-pop is finally understanding qualitative risks in sound and the execution and product is sublime

Also have a listen to f(x)'s "Rude Love", a cathartic piano house track also produced by LDN Noise.


Hi, okay I sort of forgot about this blog but I really want to start posting again so I'm back. A lot of content will be track reviews or what I'm listening to lately but there will still be album reviews with dl links.